Kia Soul GT Lineup: What You Need To Know

Introduction: Kia Soul GT is a popular brand in the luxury car market. They do a great job of marketing their cars, but they don’t always get it right. In this article, we’re going to take a look at what you need to know about the Kia Soul GT line-up before making your purchase.

Kia Soul GT.

The Kia Soul GT is a large, gasoline-powered SUV that was first unveiled in late 2010. The car seats five people and has a V8 engine that produces 350 horsepower. It also has a six-speed automatic transmission and alloy wheels.

What Kind of Engine Does the Kia Soul GT Have?

The Kia Soul GT features a 2.4L four-cylinder engine that makes 176 horsepower. It’s rated for speedometers in the lower range, but it should be noted that the car can reach speeds in the high 130s on every occasion when its usefully taxed fuel is used wisely. The engine also comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission, making it easy to get around town or to higher speeds without having to take your hands off the wheel.

What is the Price of the Kia Soul GT?

The price for the Kia Soul GT ranges from $26,995 to $39,495 depending on which model you choose, but there are always special editions or variants available with fancier equipment like leather seating and navigation systems. Some models also come equipped with airbags and side airbags as standard features while others don’t have any such amenities at all (though you’re still able to buy them). Prices do vary depending on location and fuel type used when driving; however, generally speaking, expect to pay between $27,000 and $35,000 for a well-maintained example of this popular SUV.

What are the Kia Soul GT’s ride and handling?

The ride and handling of the Kia Soul GT are very good, with a smooth and comfortable ride both on the open road or in more confined areas. The car also has excellent braking ability, making it easy to handle even when you’re taking quick shortcuts or turning corners at high speeds. The car also handles well in tight spaces, reacting quickly to Turns and other maneuvers without feeling too twitchy. While not the best out there for handling, this SUV does have some good features that make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a comfortable and efficient drive around town.

Kia Soul GT Lineup.

The Kia Soul GT lineup includes three models: the Sorento, Sportage, and Soul. The Sorento is the base model and comes with a variety of features including a V6 engine, power windows/locks, heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities, and more. The Sports offers an upgrade to the Sorento with a V8 engine and power windows/locks, heated seats, a side-view mirror, a leather steering wheel, and more. Finally, the Soul offers an upgraded version of the Sporting with a V8 engine and power windows/locks only.

What Kind of Vehicle is the Kia Soul GT?

The Kia Soul GT is a mid-sized luxury car that was designed for African Americans in response to popular demand for vehicles that reflect their culture. The vehicle is made out of lightweight aluminum alloy and has been designed with performance in mind. It features an a3-liter DOHC inline-four gasoline engine that provides good fuel economy while providing great torque. The suspension is also well-developed for good handling while on the road. Additionally, the Soul uses alloys throughout its body to reduce weight and improve strength which makes it resistant to active collision or damage.

Which Countries Do the Kia Soul GT Go Into Production In?

Kia does not currently have plans to produce any Souls in any other country other than Africa apartheid South Africa where it was founded by Korean entrepreneur Chung Mongo Kim in 1965.

Kia Soul GT Ratings.

The Kia Soul GT is a high-powered sports car that has been rated by many as one of the best cars on the market. The rating system uses a combination of features, performance, and fuel economy to determine the score.

The Kia Soul GT’s rating is based on factors such as horsepower, acceleration, handling, braking, and materials used in its construction.

How Is the Kia Soul GT rated?

The Kia Soul GT’s ratings are based on how well the car performs in a variety of tests. These tests include a 0-60 mph time and a 0-100 mph time.

What is the Kia Soul GT’s Price?

The price of the Kia Soul GT varies depending on which trim level you choose and whether you have automatic or manual transmission options. The base model costs $24,040 while the top model costs $35,160.


Kia Soul GT is a great vehicle that has received good reviews. It’s priced well, has a great ride and handling, and comes in many different countries. The Kia Soul GT is a great choice for those looking for a powerful car that will make them feel at home on the road.

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